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Welcome to Storängens Camping
The campsite is located in Sweden in the heart of the beautiful province Värmland, where the river “Klarälven” crosses the landscape. A province that is famous for its folklore and its beautiful nature, with huge forests, rivers and many lakes.

In the summer months there are many folklorist events in our village, these events are organised 1,5 km from our campsite. It is certainly worth to pay a visit to one of these traditional events with a lot of dancing and music.

Have you ever seen a Moose? Maybe you’ll see one in the summer during a Moose safari. Or do you rather search mushrooms in the forest? This is possible under supervision of a professional guide. You start by going out and find your own mushrooms, afterwards the guide will check them and then you’ll cook a delicious meal together. To see beavers it’s not necesarry to leave the campsite, on different places you will find beaver huts with ofcourse the beaver. It’s possible to go on a beaver safari, we are goin down on the river with binoculars watching for beavers. Other animals that often appear on the campsite are the deer and the fox. Most likely they will show up in the early mornings and in the evening.

We hope to see you as a guest in the future!

// Storängens Camping with crew





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