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Day Trip

Events in Ransäter
In the surroundings of Ransäter/Munkfors there are events during the whole year. The most of these events are traditional Swedish festivals with dance and music.

A few examples of these events are:

Ransäterstamman: Traditional festival with dance and music

Värmlänningarna: Theatre, from and for the people in Värmland

Midsummer Festival: Raise the traditional midsummer pole, dance and music

Accordion Fest: The worlds biggest accordion fest

Dogshow: National and International dogshow

Antique and Collector Convention: Located at Ransäters Hembygdsgård

Line Dance Weekend: Experience of dance and music

Look for more information at www.munkfors.se or contact the campsite.

These and a lot of other events are worth to pay a visit.

During the two biggest events, accordion fest (begin of july) and the dogshow (end of july) the campsite is really busy. Outside these events it’s a peacefull family campsite.

In Ransäter and its surroundings there are several museums located, for example: Fridolf Rhudinmuseum, Erlandergården, Geijersgården, Ransäters Hembygdsgård, Selma Lagerlöfs Mårbacka Minnesgård and many more. They are all worth to pay a visit.

Sunne Waterpark
In 2006 opened Sunne a big waterpark with several waterslides and a big swimming pool. Watertemperature is always 25 degrees, a true paradise for the whole family.

Ski Tunnel Torsby
Skiing during the summer? Now it’s possible in Swedens first and worlds longest ski tunnel in Torsby. The tunnel is 1,3 km long and has a temperature between 0 and -3 degrees. The tunnel is 8 meter wide and 4 meter high.

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