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Klarälvsbanan (Cycling, 90 km of car free asphalt).

Kalvbergsåsen (Horseback riding, for example: day trips, lessons).

Huskyfarm (Husky and Moose adventures, for example: moose safari, husky hiking, troll hiking, moose & photo safari).

Moose World (Värmlands Moose & Alpaca Park).

Waterpark (Swim paradise in Sunne).

Fortum Ski Tunnel Torsby (Swedens first and worlds biggest ski tunnel).

Uddeholms GK (Golf Course).

Erlandergården (An exhibition about Tage Erlander and his life).

Geijersgården (An exhibition about Erik Gustaf Geijer).

Ransäters Hembygdsgård (Experience center).

Selma Lagerlöfs Mårbacka (The home of Selma Lagerlöf).

Visit Munkfors (Information about Munkfors and Ransäter).

Munkfors/Ransäter (Information about Munkfors and Ransäter).

Perrongen Munkfors (Bed & Breakfast).

Holiday cars rental (camping guests who book a car via this link will get 15% discount).


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