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On the river Klarälven with a raft, a day of relaxation and natural beauty!

Prepare yourself for an unforgettable day that starts at Storängen’s campsite and takes you on a slow and peaceful journey on the Klarälven river by raft, until you reach the picturesque Olsäter Bridge. Throughout this magical journey, it’s just you and nature, a veritable “escape” from modern civilization. Here you will find nothing but total relaxation and the opportunity to enjoy yourself to the fullest.

This adventurous experience is a chance to discover the beauty that surrounds you. You’ll have plenty of time to cast out your fishing rod, swim in the sparkling waters, lose yourself in a good book, take a sunbath, enjoy a picnic, or simply let your mind wander freely. This journey is yours, and you decide how you want to fill it with joy and serenity.

A maximum of 5 people per raft makes this experience intimate and personal.

– 1590 SEK per raft.

The price includes instruction for a safe journey, life jackets, and comfortable transport back to the campsite.

To make your day even more memorable, we can also offer you a picnic basket for only SEK 100 per person.

Let Klarälven be your sanctuary from the boredom of everyday life. Enjoy every moment of this journey, and create memories that will warm your heart forever.

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